A glimpse into the lives of our students, volunteers, and staff!


Read some of our highlights and stories below and get to know more about our students, staff, volunteers, and things we do in the community.

Thankful & Thriving

It’s beautiful to see our students’ unique personalities, their compassion for others, their intelligence, and their strength. Much of the world may think they can’t do or think for themselves, but every day, they prove it’s not true through their [...]

Thriving at Pathways

Whether it is in-person or virtually, we want our students to know that they have a safe environment to learn and be who God created them to be. During bible study, they are constantly reminded of how fearfully and wonderfully made they are. Regardless [...]

Richard Enjoys Pathways

Before Pathways, Richard worked for the Cancer Treatment Center of America. He was a medical records transporter and could maneuver his way around that complicated building. He worked for the Oncology Department. When Cancer Treatment Center moved to its present location, all medical [...]

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