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Pathways is her happy place!

Sarah is a student who doesn’t say much, but her quiet strength, gentleness, and the way she treats others say a lot about her. At Pathways, you will find her reading her Bible, smiling at others, and engaged in the lessons she is being taught.

Her smile is contagious, and her gratitude for our Pathways is beautiful. She shares that Pathways is her happy place where people are kind and wonderful to her. She mentioned that through art classes, she experiences God and that some of her favorite courses are bible study and math because she likes adding numbers.

Since attending the program, she has grown in math, reading, and life skills through our classes and with the help of her wonderful mentor Angela. When we asked Sarah why new students should consider coming to Pathways, she joyfully said that they should come to our program because it’s a fun place to be at. They get the opportunity to work, sing, worship God, and make new friends.

Sara is growing, learning, and thank us often for the help we are providing her with. Thanks to generous donors like you, we are able to give students like Sarah the gift of Pathways!