Our Mission

We provide a unique Christian program dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for adults with intellectual disabilities.

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Our Mission


We provide a unique Christian program dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Our Vision

We assist each individual to achieve emotional, cognitive, physical, social, and spiritual growth to his or her fullest potential.



Every day students work to grow their faith through Bible study and worship. Students enjoy sharing about God's love in our community through volunteer work and the Pathways choir. Our students' goal for the year is to read the Bible cover to cover.

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Continuing education helps students to retain the skills they worked hard to learn while in school while providing an opportunity for growth. Students explore subjects like math, reading, science, art and life skills. Learning is made fun and practical by incorporating money handling and budgeting into math, or practicing reading and comprehension through the Pathways Book Club. Life skills range from the art of conversation to cooking classes with recipes students can recreate at home.

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Volunteerism is an important service learning opportunity allowing students to practice a variety of skills while serving others. Students volunteer in the community each week building relationships at assisted living facilities and helping to fight hunger at the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. These activities allow students to engage with their community and practice team work.

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Staying active is important for our students to live happier and healthier lives. Each day students enjoy fitness activities like stretching and dance classes. Students also have the opportunity to train for and compete in Special Olympics swimming and track and field.

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Our Beginning


Pathways was founded in June 2009 as an outgrowth of the Community of Friends Ministry of Kirk of the Hills church and thanks to the help and direction of Crystal Fulda. The great need for more programs in the Tulsa area to support adults with intellectual disabilities became apparent after countless phone calls and questions from the community. Adults with intellectual disabilities needed a place to live happier, healthier and more meaningful lives after high school graduation, so Pathways Adult Learning Center was first formed as a ministry of The Kirk with only 7 students attending 12 hours per week. Due to tremendous growth, Pathways became its own 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 2015 and now operates 40 hours per week, serving more than 60 students.

Meet Our Staff

Monique Scraper

Monique Scraper

Executive Director

Having volunteered and worked with individuals with intellectual disabilities for more than a decade and being a guardian of an adult with special needs, Monique has developed a tremendous passion for helping these adults to live meaningful and fulfilling lives. Her nonprofit background and her education in public administration has equipped her to help maximize the impact of the Pathways mission. Outside of Pathways, Monique enjoys adventuring to distant lands, fluffy Pomeranians, and eating pancakes with her husband every weekend.

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Lori Williamson

Program Manager

As a former classroom teacher and director of a supplemental education program in Oklahoma City, Lori has worked with students of all ages. Upon moving to Tulsa, Lori joined the Pathways team with the goal of helping students realize their full potential. She has her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. When Lori isn’t at Pathways, you can find her serving at her church, reading a book, or crocheting items for donation to local hospitals.

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Dayana Shiplett

Communications Manager

Dayana loves the Lord and is full of energy and enthusiasm! She has a background in marketing, hosted a TV show for a couple of years in LA, and before moving to Tulsa, she did some missionary work in South Africa. She is grateful to be at Pathways because it is her dream job.

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Chelsea Mohan


Chelsea grew up in St. Louis County and spent a lot of time at church and volunteering with her youth group. Chelsea felt that Pathways was an amazing opportunity for her as it allowed her to use her sociology degree, love for Jesus, and compassion for people in need all in the same place. Outside of being a teacher at Pathways, Chelsea volunteers at LifeChurch, enjoys doing Zumba and other workouts, and loves spending time with family and friends.

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John Matlach


John was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri.  He spent time in the military, where he met his wife, Christy, then a widow with two kids. The Lord has allowed John to do many things, including a music ministry, teaching music, choir, band, and math in Christian schools, co-owner of a Christian bookstore in the St. Louis, Missouri area, Manager of Choral Performance (AKA Miracles Director) at The Baddour Center in Senatobia, Mississippi, a center for adults with Intellectual Disabilities, and now a Teacher at Pathways in Tulsa, OK.  John and Christy reside in Tulsa, OK where they enjoy spending time with their four kids and eight grandkids.

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Annie Baker


Annie is originally from Lake Charles, Louisiana, and recently moved to Tulsa with her husband. She loves History and Literature and always strives to make her teaching engaging. Her favorite animal is a Velociraptor, and she hopes to one day have her own. She is super excited to be a part of Pathways.

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Karen Stokes


Karen moved to Tulsa from Peoria, Illinois in 1977. She loves living in the Tulsa area. She has 3 adult children. Son, Trey , Daughter, Tracy and Daughter, Trisha. She has 7 grandchildren and a dog named Hank. He is half Shepard and half Husky.

She goes to Life Church and belongs to a lifegroup called Fun Group 101. She looks forward to meeting everyone and feels very blessed to be part of the Pathways Family.

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Bernadette Tarr


Bernadette Tarr was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She enjoys working with numbers and music but her passion is music. Being the music director at her church allows her to fulfill that passion. She has worked in various industries and capacities during her career; all being within the accounting realm in which bookkeeping is her favorite. Upon retiring from her full-time job in 2015, she worked for a CPA firm during tax season. After a two-year break, she has joined Pathways. She finds the loving environment a breath of fresh air from other work environments and feels very fortunate to be here.

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Megan Stitt


Megan grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She started attending OSU with the goal of getting a theater degree and creating a theater program for people with disabilities. However, that wasn’t God's plan, Megan ended up developing her own chronic illnesses and disabilities which caused her to drop out. This, though devastating to her, actually led her to Pathways where she now gets to fulfill her lifelong dream of teaching drama and so many other amazing classes. She feels so beyond blessed to be a teacher here.

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Becky Grant


Becky grew up in Oakley, Kansas, and graduated from Tabor College with a youth ministry degree. Soon after college, she and her husband, Collin, moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado, where they were involved in children’s and youth ministry for 22 years. She was also a paraprofessional in the public school system there. Becky, her husband, Collin, and her four children moved to Tulsa in the summer of 2020. She enjoys all types of arts and crafts, music, and collecting friends. She is thrilled about all the new friends she is making at Pathways!

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Jan Madole

Administrative Assistant

After a long career in Research Administration at universities and membership organizations, Jan wanted to take her life in a different direction, and she was blessed to land at Pathways. Jan has a strong background in non-profit administration and organizational operations, and looks forward to working behind-the-scenes to support Pathways’ mission. Outside of Pathways, Jan enjoys running with her friends, family time, book clubs, and travel.

Board Members


Jessie Bennett, President
Scott Burnett, Vice President
Ben Gray, Treasurer
Janet Halbert, Secretary


Mikeale Campbell
Emily Honomichl
Kelly Monaghan
Laura Travis