Remembering Joey Landeros: Never Give Up

“Never give up.” This is a phrase echoed within the walls of Pathways often. Our students here are all hard workers, and this statement can usually be heard coming from ...
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Remembering Grant Bland

Pathways Adult Learning Center is more than just an educational facility for adults with intellectual disabilities. It’s a second home. It’s a family. You walk the halls and you hear ...
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The Gift of Sarita’s Down Syndrome

When I was pregnant, I was told I would have a boy, but when Sarita was born, I realized she was a baby girl with Down syndrome. When I realized ...
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Making Dreams Come True at The Pathways Prom

On Friday, June 17, we held our first prom. This year’s theme? “Under the Sea”! As we planned the dance, we wanted this experience to be an unforgettable one knowing ...
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Slater Is Reaching Milestones!

It’s a privilege to get to know our students and see their everyday growth through our program, like our student, Slater, who has grown in confidence and maturity over the ...
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Everybody Is Different, and That’s Okay

“How long is this interview going to take? Will I be out of class for a long time? Will I be missing worship time? How many questions are there?“ asked ...
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5 Ways Pathways Helps Build Confidence in Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

At Pathways, we help to empower our students to work toward and achieve their educational and personal goals. Whether a student wants to learn how to read or how to ...
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Mentorship, A Gift of the Heart

This Valentine’s Day, consider giving a gift of time by becoming a mentor to a Pathways student. Volunteer mentors are matched one-on-one with a student to build a special relationship, ...
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Philip’s Story – Pathways Student

Darla and Patrick, Philip’s parents, share that when Philip was going to graduate from Union High School, they looked for a program where he could retain what he had learned ...
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Pathways is her happy place!

Sarah is a student who doesn’t say much, but her quiet strength, gentleness, and the way she treats others say a lot about her. At Pathways, you will find her ...
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