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Mentorship, A Gift of the Heart

This Valentine’s Day, consider giving a gift of time by becoming a mentor to a Pathways student. Volunteer mentors are matched one-on-one with a student to build a special relationship, and work together on their individual math, reading and life skills goals. We provide the training, the curriculum and supplies, and our volunteers bring their heart! These pairs meet once a week most weeks, in-person or online. These relationships quickly grow into something that both the student and mentor treasure.

Ross, a Pathways volunteer shares the impact our program has had on him, “I am a mentor today because my wife, which I lost over five years ago, said I had to try it. As usual, she aimed me towards an adventure I now dearly love to do. I quickly found that I may think I am mentoring, but the truth is, I learn far more than I give. The founders and the staff truly provided an awesome value to the community. I seriously believe this kind of venture is just what the Lord placed you and I on this big round ball [Earth] for in the first place. Anyone reading this should give Pathways volunteering a try because you will receive way more than you can ever give!”

We currently have 27 active mentors, but we need 72 mentors so each student can be matched! Our students are so looking forward to the day that the Lord brings them a mentor and are persistent in their prayers for mentors week after week. One student, Curtis, had his prayer recently answered when he was matched with the Kirk of the Hills’ Family Pastor, Collin Grant. Curtis couldn’t be more thrilled! Curtis and his mentor have already given each other new middle names for fun. Curtis’ new middle name is “Cinnamon Roll” and Collin’s new middle name is “Donut.” How sweet!

Are you ready to get matched with one of our amazing students? If so, you can start your application here or contact Dayana Shiplett at 918-859-0060 or [email protected] for any questions you might have regarding volunteering.