Marcy and Randy were deeply moved by the transformation they witnessed in their nephew’s life through the Pathways program. Filled with gratitude, they felt compelled to give back. Marcy began volunteering in a Pathways classroom five years ago, finding joy in spending time with the students and seeing its positive impact on their lives.

Marcy and Randy jumped at the chance to become mentors when the mentor program was created. Marcy’s relationship with her mentee, Taylor, has grown stronger over the past year as they share their experiences and learn from each other. Every Monday afternoon, they eagerly anticipate their meetings, filled with excitement and positivity.

Meanwhile, Randy and his mentee Ethan have taken their mentorship beyond the walls of Pathways and onto the golf course. Randy now coaches Ethan in golf and partners with him during Special Olympics golf tournaments.

Marcy and Randy are proud to be part of the Pathways family and are eager to make a difference in more students’ lives. Pathways have become dear to their heart because of the love and support it has given to their family.

Throughout February, we’ll be sharing more stories and memories of students whose lives have been enriched by Pathways throughout our 15 years. Be sure to keep an eye out for our bi-monthly newsletter and watch our social media channels to see the many reasons why students, staff, parents, donors, and volunteers love Pathways!

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