We know you’ve got questions!

Below you’ll find all of our most frequently asked questions from across our organization. If you don’t see an answer to your questions, please feel free to reach out and we’ll answer it for you.

General FAQs

Yes, we’d love to give you a tour! Tours are available Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, depending on the availability of our staff. To schedule a tour, call us or email info@pathwaysok.org with your name, phone number, and areas of interest (i.e., prospective student, volunteering, donating, etc.).

No, we are not affiliated with a particular church. We are a nondenominational Christian program.

No. Because Christianity is a cornerstone of our program, students and families must be comfortable in a Christian environment. Participation in faith-based activities or any other program activities is optional.

No, although we were initially formed as a ministry of the Kirk. We became our own 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 2015 and now lease space from the Kirk.

Enrollment/Admissions FAQs

If Pathways is determined to be a good fit for a student, the admissions process typically takes up to two weeks. It can take longer depending on the availability for an interview and tour and for the prospective student’s free trial class day.

No, there is no fee to submit a new student application.

No, Pathways provides ongoing enrichment opportunities post-high school. Many students attend Pathways indefinitely.

Pathways does not use these types of labels. These labels can be harmful and often misleading. At Pathways, students who communicate in other ways, students who are working on learning their alphabet, students who excel in math but love the program for its social component, and everyone else enjoy and thrive at Pathways equally.

Most of our students are between 18 and 30, but we also serve students in their 60s. There is no age limit to attend.

Yes, we have a waitlist for specific days and times, but our staff will work with you to find a schedule option that works for your student.

Hybrid Schedule FAQs

No, for a hybrid schedule you will just need to choose which days and time your student will be in-person or in virtual classes. This is subject to our virtual class times and availablity of in-person classes.

The tuition rate for a hybrid schedule is $5.70 per hour.

Programming FAQs

Students can attend a full 8 hours or a half day for 4 hours.

Our enrollment options are offered in 4-hour blocks. 9 am – 1 pm, 1 pm – 5 pm, or full days, 9 am – 5 pm. You can enroll for these time blocks but not for individual classes within those time blocks. Upon admission to the program, program staff will share our class schedule details with you so you can select a schedule based on your interests and needs. Our schedules are subject to change. There is also a process for families to change their schedules when the need arises. Enrollment is subject to availability, but if a specific day/time is full, we will place you on a waitlist until a spot for that time opens up.

While we do teach some job readiness skills, we do not provide job-specific training or job placement.

No. Many of our students utilize the Tulsa Lift or private ride shares to get to and from Pathways.

We have groups of students volunteering in the community every day, and currently, we volunteer at the Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, and several assisted living facilities.

Yes, students can participate in Special Olympics in swimming, golf, and track and field.

Anyone! It’s an opportunity to serve students and families that would otherwise not have access to daily enrichment and connection in their hometowns.
Even students who live in the Tulsa area might be interested in virtual classes or a hybrid schedule if one or more of the following apply:
  • They don’t qualify for in-person classes.
  • They’re very sensitive to sensory stimuli.
  • They like to communicate via the chat function (typing)
  • They live outside of the MetroLink LinkAssist Paratransit program service area (formerly known as the Tulsa Transit Lift Program) and don’t have other transportation to and from the program.

Tuition & Scholarship FAQs

The current Tuition rate is $5.70 per hour for in-person classes and hybrid schedules and $3.40 per hour for virtual classes. Scholarships are available for up to 100% of tuition cost.

Tuition is paid monthly, due on the first of each month. If tuition is paid late, late fees apply. If finances are a challenge,

Everyone who has a financial need is encouraged to apply. Scholarship decisions are made by a committee based on the federal poverty guidelines while also considering any special or extenuating circumstances. Program staff will discuss the scholarship application process with you during the admissions interview process.

Yes! Families may utilize their Community In-Home Support Services waiver from DDS/Acumen to cover the cost of tuition in full. Your case manager can help you with this process, and Pathways program staff can help answer any questions you might have during the admissions interview process. Vouchers in the amount of $300 to $500 every three months are also available to help pay for tuition through third parties for those who qualify. More information about these resources will be provided during the admissions process.

Families may set up an automatic ACH debit or pay by check or money order. Waivers and vouchers are also accepted as tuition payments, and you can ask program staff for more information about waivers and vouchers during your admissions interview process. Cash and credit card payments are not accepted.

Donation FAQs

Yes, Pathways is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, and your donation is deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations. Check with your tax advisor for more information.

  • Online: Donating online is the easiest option. You can donate using any major credit card, debit card, or bank account here (insert link).
  • By check or a donor-advised fund (DAF): Please mail checks to Pathways, P.O. Box 703064, Tulsa, OK 74170
  • By phone: Please call us at 918-859-0060 to give over the phone.
  • Venmo: @Pathways-AdultLearningCenter
Check with your employer’s human resources or community relations department for the proper procedure.

Provide the following Pathways stock account information to your broker:
DTC 0188, ABA 121000248
TD Ameritrade Clearing Account #4123214561
Pathways Account # 426097823
Pathways EIN 47-0973687
Please get in touch with us at 918-859-0060 if you have any additional questions.

When you donate online, complete the “Additional Comments” section with the person’s name and address (if known) if you would like Pathways to notify the family of your gift. The amount you give is kept confidential.

To make changes to your donation, please get in touch with our office at 918-859-0060 or info@pathwaysok.org

Dream Makers pledge to give $1,000 or more per year for three years. You can learn more here.

Way Makers make an automatic, recurring donation of any size. You can learn more here.

Guardians include Pathways in their estate plans. You can learn more here.

We have experts who can help guide you through making any kind of legacy gift at no cost. You can learn more here.

You are eligible to join our Pathways Guardians Legacy Society! You do not have to disclose any specifics to join. You just need to let us know we’re included in your plans. Contact us at 918-859-0060.

Please click here for more information on becoming a Pathways sponsor.

When you donate to Pathways, you are helping to provide life-changing programming for more than 100 adults with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Please indicate on your gift that you would like to remain anonymous.

Way Maker Club FAQs

You can serve as a lifeline to Pathways by providing a reliable source of funding each month. It is hassle-free, and you will receive donor newsletters and invitations.
To make changes to your donation or stop future donations from processing, please get in touch with our office at 918-859-0060 or by emailing info@pathwaysok.org
  • Online: Donating online is the easiest option. You can donate using any major credit card, debit card, or bank account here (insert link).
  • By check or a donor-advised fund (DAF): Please mail checks to Pathways, P.O. Box 703064, Tulsa, OK 74170
  • By phone: Please call us at 918-859-0060 to give over the phone.
  • Venmo: @Pathways-AdultLearningCenter

Volunteer FAQs

The minimum age to volunteer in a classroom or become a mentor is 18. Minors can volunteer at events but must be accompanied by an adult chaperone, parent or guardian for the duration of their time volunteering.

Yes, most of our events occur in the evening or on the weekend. Virtual Mentoring can also take place at night or on weekends.

Yes! Our volunteer manager will gladly provide you with the number of hours you volunteer.

That’s absolutely okay! We understand that life happens! We just ask that you be able to attend most weeks to provide a level of consistency for your mentee, and if you can’t make a session for any reason, you let us know.

Yes! Your group may volunteer at Pathways on a particular project, or you can help us during an event. Please contact our volunteer manager to learn more about volunteering as a group.