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When you donate to scholarships, you give the gift of hope to students and their families.

"I want to 100% thank those who help provide scholarships because without them Raeann would not be able to attend Pathways. I’m a single mom and we do not have state assistance, I work a part-time job, and financially it would be hard for me to pay out of pocket. I’m so appreciative and so is she because without your help she would be sitting at home watching tv all day." -Brenda, Raeann's mother

Will you help us to create a more inclusive community for all families regardless of their financial situation by giving a gift today?

Join the Dream Maker Society

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Gift of Community

$1,000 each year for 3 years. This gift provides one week of community engagement for one classroom of 16 students. Community engagement includes Special Olympics participation, field trips, and volunteering in the community.

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Gift of Knowledge

$5,000 each year for 3 years. This gift provides one month of continuing education for one classroom, each year for three years. This provides opportunities for our students to learn and grow through Book Club, science experiments, math games, current event magazine subscriptions, art projects and more!

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Gift of Independence

$10,000 each year for 3 years. This gift provides one month of life skills training for all Pathways students, each year for three years. This is an investment in the quality of life for all Pathways students by helping them live to their full potential. From meal preparation lessons to health and safety, from practicing the art of conversation to studying the word of God. Life skills help our students grow in independence and help them to live full and meaningful lives.


Employer Matching: Many employers will match gifts made by their current employees to non-profit organizations. Please contact your company’s human resources department for the necessary form. This is a tremendous way to double your giving.

To mail a donation
, send it to Pathways Adult Learning Center, PO Box 703064, Tulsa, OK 74170.

For Venmo donations: @Pathways-AdultLearningCenter

To give a gift of stock or securities: DTC 0188, ABA 121000248, TDAmeritrade Clearing Account # 4123214561, Pathways Account # 426097823, Pathways FEIN 47-0973687.

Have you considered making Pathways a beneficiary on your retirement account or including Pathways in your will? Learn more about how you can make a lasting legacy for these students.

For more information about our giving society or legacy gifts, contact Monique Scraper at mscraper@pathwaysok.org or call 918-859-0060.

Thank you to the members of the Dream Maker Giving Society

Gift of community

Marilynn & Mike Bartel

Bennett Charitable Fund

James & Charmaine Bloomer

Mel & Pat Bloomfield

Yvette & Justin Bray

Burnett Home Improvement

Tim Cargile

Jim Chin

Patricia Davis

Angela Fleming

Barry & Crystal Fulda

Paul & Stacy Gill

Ben & Cassie Gray

Janet Halbert

John Haley

Lynda Hendrick

Keith & Danette Johnson

Darren & Kathy Laptad

John & Kathryn Lockard

Michael & Janice McKee

James & Cindy Millar

Ross Millard

Kelly & Chris Monaghan

Bob & Janet Persson

Gordon & Colene Polly

Evans Rector

Brent & Rachel Robison

Thomas & Vicky Rogers

David & Amy Schaffer

Monique & Jake Scraper

Carol Sollars

Denny Southard

Rebecca Southard

Austin & Dayana Shiplett

Jason & Cheryl Srader

Everett & Terri Stallcop

Dr. Bruce Stewart

Becky Terhune

Matthew & Anna Walker

Jean Wallace

David & Carolyn Watts

Robert Winchester

Gift of Knowledge

Burton Foundation

Sabrina Triplett

Gift of Independence



Alene Davis

Mary Kate McKee Foundation

Bob Triplett