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The Gift of Sarita’s Down Syndrome

When I was pregnant, I was told I would have a boy, but when Sarita was born, I realized she was a baby girl with Down syndrome. When I realized this, I felt chosen by God because it’s a community that I love! 

Sarita has beautiful qualities: She has peace within her. She is loving, kind, patient, and respectful and never argues with me. I admire her organizational skills and her love for creativity. She is a hard worker and works at Not Your Average Joe, Jersey Mike’s, and as a dance assistant.

I am thankful for my daughter and the opportunities she has been provided with here in America and for the opportunity for me to help lower-income families with children with disabilities by providing them with resources.

October is Down syndrome awareness month, and some ways the community can help people with Down syndrome [year-round] is by giving them opportunities through inclusion in the job area, social aspect, academic, and helping them reach independence.

– Claudia, Pathways parent

Sarita shares with us that her dream in life is to be a famous singer. And her personal goals are to become a great painter, and once her sister starts having babies, she would like to become the babysitter. She shares that her happiness comes from coloring, music, dancing, and painting. And that having Down syndrome means she is a girl who needs to take her time to do things.