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Chelsea’s Experience as a Teacher at Pathways

Pathways to me means acceptance. It’s a safe place where our students can learn, make mistakes, and be encouraged in what they are learning. They are capable of so much and have the wonderful ability to persevere. Watching them thrive in their sporting competitions at Special Olympics is a great example of this. The way our students process and apply what they are being taught has been so inspiring to me. One of my favorite classes to teach them is life skills because I can see them recognizing emotions in others, themselves, and learning how to thoughtfully respond in certain situations. Life skills are essential for their everyday lives, and I am thankful we offer them at Pathways.

Pathways is a place to belong. Here, I know God is the center and that staff genuinely care about each other and the students. If a new parent wanted to know about Pathways, I would tell them it’s an excellent place for students to come because they will gain new friends, teachers who care for them to learn, meet their personal goals, and have a relationship with Christ. And to anyone wanting to financially give to Pathways, I would say that their donation will help us continue to grow and serve even more students. It allows us to do Special Olympics, and continually add new meaningful curriculum for our students to engage in. It’s limitless what God can do with this organization for our students and their families with the funding we receive.