Philip’s Story – Pathways Student

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Darla and Patrick, Philip’s parents, share that when Philip was going to graduate from Union High School, they looked for a program where he could retain what he had learned over the years and gain new skills. Skills that would make him independent and help him learn safety, cook, improve his speech, writing, and so…

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Pathways is her happy place!

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Sarah is a student who doesn’t say much, but her quiet strength, gentleness, and the way she treats others say a lot about her. At Pathways, you will find her reading her Bible, smiling at others, and engaged in the lessons she is being taught. Her smile is contagious, and her gratitude for our Pathways…

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Chelsea’s Experience as a Teacher at Pathways

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Pathways to me means acceptance. It’s a safe place where our students can learn, make mistakes, and be encouraged in what they are learning. They are capable of so much and have the wonderful ability to persevere. Watching them thrive in their sporting competitions at Special Olympics is a great example of this. The way…

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