Grounded In Christ

At Pathways, we believe that the example of Jesus’s life is a model for living and change in our world. We incorporate biblical teachings and the ministry of Christ in all we do. Not only do we treat our students with love and a Christ-like environment, but we also believe in supporting our students’ spiritual growth by offering them opportunities to pray, worship, and study the Bible daily.

Our students come from diverse backgrounds, but they can be themselves when it comes to worship and prayer. For instance, Josh loves to sing and worship his own way, while Jacob enjoys Bible study and prayer. Ashliann is passionate about preaching and sharing the gospel with her classmates, while Nathan loves to worship and pray with his friends from home during virtual classes.

Too often, churches do not provide an inclusive space or ministry for adults with disabilities, and only 24% of our families have reported having access to such a ministry in their church. This is why providing an opportunity for students to be a part of a faith community here at Pathways is crucial to our mission. Everyone deserves a chance to practice and grow in their faith, to pray and be prayed for, and to worship in a group. Our students are some of the best examples of God’s love. We look forward to sharing these experiences with our students every day!