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At Home Fitness

Looking for some at home fitness routines to help keep you active? Pathways students have some videos that they love to use during fitness class that help motivate them to get moving. Here are a few student favorites that you can do from home!

1. Walk a Mile with Leslie

There is nothing quite like walk walk walking with Leslie. She will talk you through a 15 minute walking workout that you can do anywhere in your home.

2. Chair Stretching

This chair stretching routine provides various stretching movements and shows different examples depending on skill levels. It’s a great chance to reset during a busy day, helping to clear the mind and nurture the body.

3. Chair Cardio

This workout is low impact and keeps you seated, but gets the heart pumping. Enjoy some fun music and get dancing.

4. Just Dance

You can’t go wrong with Just Dance! video. Type your favorite song title into Youtube followed by “just dance” and it is very likely that there will be something to fit your tastes.