Years active: 27

Sports: Track and Field; Swimming; Bowling

Terah began competing in Special Olympics when she was 9-years-old. She started competing in Track and Field, especially enjoying the softball throw. She soon added bowling and won many gold medals during the years that she competed. To help loosen up the back muscles she started swimming and loves it! She still competes in track and swimming, but has hung up the competitive bowling shoes for the time being. Terah loves spending time with people and has a great sense of humor. In her free time she enjoys music, dancing, playing Uno, putting together jigsaw puzzles, animals, watching movies, eating pizza and ice cream, and being an Auntie to all her nieces and nephews.



Years active: 27

Sports: Golf; Swimming; Basketball

Clark has competed in a variety of sports throughout the years but has concentrated on Unified Golf since high school. He was the first athlete with Down syndrome to play Unified golf for Oklahoma Special Olympics. During the Winter Olympics he enjoys swim meets and playing basketball. When he isn’t competing, Clark enjoys attending musical events and theatre events in Tulsa. He also looks forward to his yearly trip to Camp Barnabas. Clark has a talent in art and has won ribbons in Special Olympics and the Tulsa State Fair for his entries. He loves working with alcohol inks to create one of a kind works of art including beautiful silk scarves. Now, he assists his mom with her business, D2 Designs.



Years active: 2

Sports: Swimming

Stevie loves to swim and has competed in the 25 and 50 meter races for the last two years. She has a twin sister, Sheridan, whom she loves very much and an older sister, Madison, who is a hairdresser in St. Louis. In her free time, Stevie loves to play video games, watch movies, go to zoos, and draw animals.




Years active: 24 years.

Sports: Track and Field; Swimming.

Keith’s favorite part of being a part of Special Olympics is the fellowship with his Pathways family.  He loves spending time with his teachers, volunteers, and peers.  The school day is sometimes not long enough for Keith and Special Olympics gives him the opportunity to extend his time with those important people in his life. He enjoys getting a meal at Eskimo Joes in Stillwater and the social dance that is held at Stillwater High School stadium on Thursday night.  Keith loves to dance, music and people. His favorite pastime is listening to music and being with the people that are important to him which are his family and his Pathways Family.Keith has been a part of Pathways since its inception.  He’s had many great experiences there and has met so many wonderful people there.  He is comfortable and safe there.  It is his second home and he values all of the people that makes this experience possible for him.



Years active: 25

Sports: Track and Field; Bocce; Horseshows; Soccer; Bowling; Basketball

Phillip has participated in Special Olympics in three different states. His favorite sport is the current one he is playing, but he may favor basketball because of the team aspect of the game. He loves to be part of a team with matching shirts! Philip enjoys dancing, often with singing and playing a variety of musical instruments. Philip loves helping others, opening doors,helping carry, doing jobs that are normally considered mundane such as cleaning or picking up. He loves to pitch in and help and has a true servant’s heart.


  1. Renee Webb May 18, 2020 at 6:04 pm

    Sweet! I love the profiles 💗

    • Pathways Adult Learning Center September 3, 2020 at 8:42 pm

      Thank you!

  2. Linda Hertensteiner May 18, 2020 at 7:01 pm

    We love them all and are so very proud of them! (And disappointed they can’t compete in Summer Games this year. And George is disappointed he can’t hand out the medals this year too!)

    • Pathways Adult Learning Center September 3, 2020 at 8:40 pm

      Thank you for being proud of our students, and God willing, they shall compete next year.

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