One of our important values here at Pathways is movement. It is so important to get up and stay active because of the positive physical and mental health impacts. Life is busy and it can be hard to fit exercise into a schedule. We make a point of having daily exercise activities from stretching and walking to dancing and squats. Students also have the option to participate on Special Olympics swimming, golf, and track teams at Pathways. Students have started this Summer Olympics year getting ready for their upcoming track season.

15 athletes are practicing each week to prep for their big meets in April and May. Students have to compete in a regional track meet in Green Country to qualify for the state meet held in Stillwater. 

“Most of our athletes are working to improve their times from last season. We are working as a team on growing our relationships with one another and encouraging each other as teammates. It is not about being the best but encouraging our friends that they can do more than they think they can,” says teacher and coach Chelsea Mohan.

Athletes compete in a variety of running and walking events including the 50-meter run, 50-meter walk, and relay as well as field events like the standing long jump. These events are a chance for students to show off all of the work they put in during training.

 “I’m excited for the 100-meter and 25-meter walk,” say Pathways Panther Terah, “I can’t wait to be a champion!”

After meets, team members enter Pathways with the clinking of medals and a sense of accomplishment. Their peers and teachers are so excited to see how everyone did and the camaraderie is so much fun to experience. Our athletes get to work on goal-setting, and the delayed gratification that comes from slow, incremental progress toward that goal as they train for the big event. When students meet their goal there is a sense of accomplishment, a tick mark on a check list, and a jumping off point to a new goal. If a goal isn’t met, they learn, they keep working, and they strive to reach their goal next time. These athletes never give up and have dedicated years to their sport, to be healthy, and to be strong teammates.

The Pathways Panther track team will compete at the Green Country Track and Field meet Saturday, April 4, 2020. Follow us on Facebook for pictures and updates as our athletes head to compete!

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