Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of the Tulsa community, Pathways has raised more than $81,000 toward a new shuttle which will include a wheelchair lift. Anything raised above the final cost of the shuttle will help Pathways fund the addition of a third classroom with three more teacher positions this year.

This success was made possible thanks to individuals in the community and the TEB Foundation who awarded Pathways a $30,000 grant dedicated toward the purchase of a new shuttle. The addition of a second shuttle will allow more Pathways students to go out into their community to volunteer and experience enriching field trips.

“We are so grateful to everyone who contributed to help make our community a more inclusive place for adults with intellectual disabilities,” says Pathways Executive Director, Monique Scraper.

This new wheelchair accessible shuttle means every student can participate in community activities. “The new accessible shuttle means Christian’s dream of being a part of his tribe and to live a full complete life ‘just like everyone else’ can come true,” says Pathways mother, Cheryl Srader. “Christian enjoys making people happy and sharing his gifts and joy with them.”

Christian will join the other 64 Pathways students who go out to volunteer in the community each week at places like the food bank, assisted living facilities, and the Ronald McDonald House.