When I joined the advisory board 10 years ago, I began to contribute financially to the program. As I got to know the Pathways program and students better, I realized that certain needs arise as it grows, like the need for a new van, supplies, sensory items for students who need it, a sensory room, and so on. Tuition does not cover all of that. As a board member and in-class volunteer, I have been able to see the needs of the program and how it impacts the lives of the students and their families. God has reached out and grabbed my heart when it comes to giving financially to continue seeing their lives enhanced. I want to continue to see this program grow, and I know that it will cost money. Over the years, my financial contribution has increased because I see how the program builds self-esteem and confidence for the students and their families. I also enjoy seeing the joy they have with their classmates and their love for the community and volunteering. The blessing that the students are to my life is a much bigger blessing to me than my financial donation to them, and I am very grateful for that. It’s a priority for me to give to the program to continue to see the students’ lives impacted. I would encourage anyone and everyone to give to this program. If they can see how the program works and interact with the students, they would have a greater appreciation for what their financial gift does.

-Sabrina Triplett