Bailey is currently a senior in high school, and when the pandemic started, in order to keep her safe, her mom decided that it would be best for her to do her senior year online until things get better. Around April of 2020, her mom saw a Facebook Ad about Pathways and decided to enroll her virtually because she knew that some of Bailey’s friends attend the program. Krystin, Bailey’s mom, said, “Because of Pathways, we have not seen a decline in her overall mental state. Without it, she would probably have gotten depressed because of not being in school and seeing her friends. I know Bailey loves Pathways because I hear her in her room singing worship songs at the top of her lungs. I am glad that this program is an option for her, and when she graduates High School, I would like her to continue attending.”

At the moment, Bailey attends our virtual classes 3 afternoons a week. During the week, she reminds her mom about her classes so that she doesn’t make plans. Pathways is important to Bailey because it is where she can have social interaction and continue learning.