John Hamby and 2019 John Hamby Volunteer of the Year Award recipient Abby Downing

Over past year, 26 volunteers have dedicated 1,417 volunteers hours to Pathways which is valued at over $42,000. These time has allowed students to enjoy one-on-one mentoring, cooking classes, music, Special Olympics and so much more. Their dedication to the program makes it what it is today. 

Starting this year Pathways is naming its Volunteer of the Year Award in honor of Mr. John Hamby. John is truly an inspiration. He pours incredible love into each interaction he has with students and has helped in every way imaginable, from making copies and laminating to assembling desks and building our very own kitchen to helping multiple times a week in the classroom. 
This year’s recipient, Abby Downing, joined the Pathways team of volunteers in 2018 and jumped right into the classroom, helping with art classes, current events, reading, and music. When asked what part of the day was the best, student Matt said “Seeing Abby.”
Every volunteer pours so much love into the program and everyone at Pathways is so thankful for it.