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Living with Down Syndrome

When Matthew was born, the doctors gave me a book called “Babies with Down Syndrome.” I didn’t know anything about it, but somewhere in the book, it said that children with Down syndrome are more like other kids than they are different. Reading that part was what I held on to as a mom, and I started to realize that it was true. They do have more similarities than differences. My son is great! He loves to swim, read, and he is an eagle scout. 

I think that people in the general public are afraid and don’t know how to approach people like Matthew, but I don’t blame them because I was afraid when he was born. I think there is a sense of feeling like they don’t know what to say, or it might be awkward because they are different, but I would encourage others not to be afraid. The best way the community can help families like ours is to be friendly. -Karen, Matthew’s mom

In honor of World Down Syndrome Day on 3/21, Matthew tells us, “My Down syndrome means that I have an extra chromosome. My dream is to become a chef one day and own my own restaurant. I consider myself a happy guy and I like who I am. My happiness comes from Pathways, my parents, and my relationship with God.”

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