When God Answers Prayers

two people in a car

There is beauty in being consistent and having faith. The type of faith that can move mountains as someone waits with the expectation that God is listening and that in His timing, He answers those prayers according to His will. For months Pathways student, Tiffany asked her virtual mentor who lives in Utah that she would…

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Thankful & Thriving

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It’s beautiful to see our students’ unique personalities, their compassion for others, their intelligence, and their strength. Much of the world may think they can’t do or think for themselves, but every day, they prove it’s not true through their hard work and dedication to applying what they are learning. Through our vision for each of…

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Thriving at Pathways

a person wearing eyeglasses and a blue hoodie

Whether it is in-person or virtually, we want our students to know that they have a safe environment to learn and be who God created them to be. During bible study, they are constantly reminded of how fearfully and wonderfully made they are. Regardless of their disability, each one of them is treated with respect and dignity. We acknowledge…

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Richard Enjoys Pathways

a person wearing an orange bucket hat

Before Pathways, Richard worked for the Cancer Treatment Center of America. He was a medical records transporter and could maneuver his way around that complicated building. He worked for the Oncology Department. When Cancer Treatment Center moved to its present location, all medical records changed to digital, and there was no position for him. But they had a need…

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“I am Ordinary”

a person with short thick black hair

April is “Autism Acceptance Month,” in honor of our students who are autistic; we want to share with you about Tiffany. “My name is Tiffany, and I am autistic. If someone didn’t know much about autism and wanted to understand, I would tell them that I am an ordinary person who wants to be treated just…

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Living with Down Syndrome

two people sitting at a table

When Matthew was born, the doctors gave me a book called “Babies with Down Syndrome.” I didn’t know anything about it, but somewhere in the book, it said that children with Down syndrome are more like other kids than they are different. Reading that part was what I held on to as a mom, and…

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My Disability is Filled with Purpose

a person wearing a jacket and sunglasses

When I was born, I didn’t have the nerve that connects the eyes and the ears to the brain. Nerves like that don’t grow back after birth. The doctors at a prestigious university hospital said I would never be able to take care of myself and should be placed in an institution. But God had a…

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Ripples of Kindness

We had the blessing of participating in Random Acts of Kindness Day by making an impact at home or in the life of a stranger. Our generosity created a ripple effect of smiles and joyful tears and inspired others to “pay it forward.” February 17 is National Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Day. With everything…

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Our Beginning

a group of people

When Pathways started, there were only 7 students and two employees without a job guarantee within 6 months due to not knowing what the program’s outcome could be. Thankfully the program rapidly grew into a bigger dream than anyone could have imagined. Today Pathways serves over 60 students and has become its own 501(c)3 nonprofit…

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Why I Give to Pathways

people sitting at a table

When I joined the advisory board 10 years ago, I began to contribute financially to the program. As I got to know the Pathways program and students better, I realized that certain needs arise as it grows, like the need for a new van, supplies, sensory items for students who need it, a sensory room, and so…

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